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WWACI is a non-profit Christ centered International Women’s Outreach, reaching women of all socio-economic backgrounds, who have made or are in the process of making Jesus the center of their lives.


A ministry which helps women to identify the call of GOD upon their lives and/or give them directives regarding that call.


This may include:


A. Biblical Training

     1. Workshops

     2. Seminars


B. Assistance with chartering their ministries in cooperation with their local church or ministry affiliate (where                    applicable).


C. Teaching them to be good stewards over God’s finances.


D. Providing an opportunity for women to minister locally nationally and Internationally whether during the monthly      brunch or one of the branches located out of the state or at a brunch overseas.


We endeavor to see women accept and move forward in their call to ministry as:

1. Apostle

2. Prophet

3. Evangelist

4. Pastor

5. Teacher

6. Helps

7. Administrator

8. Secretary

9. Psalmist

10. Christian Education Director

11. Entrepreneur

12. Market Place Ministry


To encourage them to become and remain submissive to persons in leadership.

To see them become effective women in their GOD given purpose, locally or internationally.

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Monthly meetings are held in North America on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m., and various time frames in other countries. Each meeting is followed by a nutritious brunch. There is no admission fee.


Once a year, each Branch may host a special local convening (i.e. revival, retreat, etc.) for 1-3 days.

Regional directors may also choose to hold a Yearly Encounter (during the Spring or Winter seasons) for Branches in their region.


An International Gathering is held annually during the month of July.


This gathering may be held in our Headquarter city of Albuquerque, NM / Rio Rancho, NM, or in another WWACI hosted city.


Annual Membership is $50.00


​International Headquarters 



P.O. Box 46227

Rio Rancho, NM 87174



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To apply for membership with WWACI, just fill out the online application below. The application fee if $50.00


If you are interested in starting a branch in your area, apply for vice president or president of a new branch:
Click here to apply

If you wold like to make a donation, please click here:

Women With A Call International (WWACI)
Membership Application Form
Your call to ministry
Are you functioning in one or more of the above offices presently?
Are you Chartered?
Are you Ordained?
Are you called to serve in one or more of the services to the Body of Christ?

Secretarial, Public Relatios, Business Finance

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Annual membership fee is $50.00

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