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School of the Prophets




To raise up and equip those whom GOD has set apart as a prophet to our nation, community or church.





ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN! November 7, 2022 – December 15, 2022


The School of the Prophets (SOP) is a course designed to:


  1. Train budding prophets online (classroom setting, periodically), which will cause them to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in their personal lives.

  2. Prepare men and women to move in the prophetic, as GOD grooms them for the call.

  3. Provide an atmosphere of in-depth study on the office of a Prophet presented in the Holy Bible, as well as contemporary prophets.

  4. ​Train future prophets how to flow appropriately in the realm of prophecy, as this relates to order in GOD’s
    House, emphasizing the following:

    • Addressing issues relative to personal prophecy
    • Ministering effectively on a personal level
    • The administration of prophecy on a corporate level

  5. Provide an understanding of the role of music, the song and dance, as they relate to prophecy.

  6. Provide a platform for students to be taught by seasoned prophets, who serve as guest lecturers.

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ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN! November 7, 2022 – December 15, 2022




Cost:                        $555.00

Includes a non-refundable $105.00 registration fee due by December 15th

                                    After December 15th a late fee of $25.00 will be required.

                                      Full payment is to be received no later than May 31st


Payment Plan:          $450 remaining balance


$100 minimum per month due January - April and final payment by May 31st



We offer the following School of the Prophets (SOP) Courses:


SOP - Level 1 - Prophets In Conception

As a student of the School of the Prophets, you will be expected to read materials that are assigned to you, and turn in homework as you are instructed.


A study will be done on the nature and function of the prophet in the following aspects:

   1st Module ................. Servanthood
   2nd Module..... .......... Discipline of a Prophet
   3rd Module ................ Discharging of the Prophet’s Office

You are to keep accurate records of each Module study.

A written exam will be given at the end of each Module.

Technical Requirements for the course:

   Access to a computer with reliable internet access for timely submission ofassignments.
   Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word to create, save and send documents via internet.

SOP - Level 2 - Prophets In Training


A study will be done on the nature and function of the prophet in the following aspects:

   Module I ................ Responding to the Call

   Module II ............... Prophetic Principles - The Place of the Minstrel in the Prophetic

   Module III ............. Personal Prophecy - Issues and Answers


Students will be challenged to determine how, when and to what extent they are called to the Prophetic, whether functioning with prophecy as a gifting or actually standing in the office of a Prophet.


Each module will assist them in their journey as they recognize pitfalls, principles and purpose of the Prophet or Prophetic gifts in the kingdom. The purpose of the minstrel versus musician will be addressed in depth.


* Level I is a prerequisite for Level 2. Students must obtain a satisfactory or higher grade and a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION from Level I (P.I.C.), Prophets In Conception course.



SOP - Level 3 - Prophets In Place


LEVEL 3 Prophets in Place is an advanced course for prophets, and prophetic students who have completed Levels 1 and 2 courses and are now preparing themselves to receive a new mantle as they plow with the twelfth oxen. (1 Kings 19:19)


This course will involve in depth activation and application of the prophetic emphasizing how to effectively release the prophetic word with power, demonstration and confidence. Students will interact with one another with prophesying, discussions of dreams, visions and prophecies from credible guest prophets via SKYPE and in person.


The above experience in training should promote critical thinking and develop sharp and fresh mindsets. They will also receive teachings which will help them to understand how to relate to the local pastor as prophets, for enhancement for the local church, rather than being viewed as a competitive minister of the gospel.


Level 3 - Prophets in Place is an official requirement for students who have begun the journey from P.I.C. (Prophets in Conception) to P.I.T. (Prophets in Training) to this crucial point of P.I.P., (Prophets in Place).



School of the Prophets is currently taking applications for our 2022 - Level 1 - 3 Courses in the English. 


If you are interested in our English language courses, please download the appropriate application below.

(Click the photos below for ONLINE APPLICATION.)


*Remember Levels 2 and 3 have prerequisites of the previous courses.  ​






















APPLICATION FEE  105.00 (Non-refundable

and agreement to payment plan)

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TUITION PAYMENTS - Please remit the appropriate payment and click "update amount" within the Paypal form.

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