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The School of the Prophets

The School of the Prophets is a course designed to:

  1. Train budding prophets online (classroom setting, periodically), which will cause them to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in their personal lives.

  2. Prepare men and women to move in the prophetic, as GOD grooms them for the call.

  3. Provide an atmosphere of in-depth study on the office of a Prophet presented in the Holy Bible, as well as contemporary prophets.

  4. Train future prophets how to flow appropriately in the realm of prophecy, as this relates to order in GOD’s House, emphasizing the following:
         • Addressing issues relative to personal prophecy
         • Ministering effectively on a personal level
         • The administration of corporate prophecy

  5. Provide an understanding of the role of music, the song and dance, as they relate to prophecy.

  6. Provide a platform for students to be taught by seasoned prophets, who serve as guest lecturers.

The TUITION FEE for each course is $555.00


As a student of the School of the Prophets, you will be expected to read materials that are assigned to you, and turn in homework as you are instructed.


1. A study will be done on the nature and function of the prophet in the following aspects:


2. You are to keep accurate records of each Module study.


3. A written exam will be given at the end of each Module.


4. Technical Requirements for the course: Access to a computer with reliable internet access for timely submission of assignments. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word to create, save and send documents via internet

Application for Admission
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